28 Aug 2014

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SPRING will truly have sprung come Tuesday, we are told, with theinitial estimate for growth in gross domestic product (GDP) in the first quarter of this year. Will it be 0.9 per cent – or higher? How close are we to getting the economy back to its old size, the one before the 2008 crash?

Above all, perhaps, the key question has to be the number of times we shall have to hear variations on the following dread phrase: “And to think – only a year ago, some were predicting a treble-dip recession!”

So amid all the fluff and noise, what do you really need to know about GDP and all that?

First, the Chancellor will take a bow and quite right too. George Osborne would have copped the blame had the multi-dip recession actually happened, so it would be absurd to claim he “had nothing to do with the recovery”. May he didn

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CNA cited the ThomsonReuters/INSEAD Asia Business Sentiment Survey to report that the business sentiment index in Taiwan rose to a score of 67 from the previous quarter’s 50. A reading above 50 indicates an overall positive outlook.

“Optimism returned to Taiwan’s sentiment index, reversing the decline in the March quarter,” the report said. “Two of the six respondents turned positive in their outlook compared with none in the last survey.”

The ThomsonReuters/INSEAD Asia Business Sentiment Index rose significantly to 74 in the second quarter compared to a 64 reading in the first quarter, with an upswing in sentiment across most of the region.

Of the 124 companies polled, none reported a negative outlook for the first time in the survey’s history, Reuters said. Sentiment is scored on a 0-100 scale, with figures above 50 indicating a positive outlook.

A similar pattern emerged in mainland China, Taiwan’s largest trading partner, with the index also rising from 50 to 67 since the first quarter. Half of

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Most economists think a rate increase is at least a year away despite signs of rising inflation.

The Fed announced its decision in a statement Wednesday after it ended a two-day policy meeting. The statement was nearly identical to the one the Fed issued after its last meeting in April. It reiterated its plan to keep short-term rates low “for a considerable time” after it ends its bond purchases, which have been intended to keep long-term loan rates low.

The Fed also downgraded its forecast for growth for 2014, acknowledging that a harsh winter caused the economy to shrink in the January-March quarter. In addition, the Fed barely raised its forecast for inflation.

The Fed expects growth to be just 2.1 percent to 2.3 percent this year, down from 2.8 percent to 3 percent in its last projections in March. It thinks inflation will be a slight 1.5 percent to 1.7 percent by year’s end, near its earlier estimate.

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Every young video-game addicts dream just came true: Theres now a college athletic scholarship for exceptionally talented League of Legends players.

Robert Morris University Illinois announced June 11 the addition of an eSports varsity lineup and a new collegiate-gamer recruiting effort. RMU will join the Collegiate Star League, a group of 103 colleges and universities, where RMU gamers will compete against players from institutions like Harvard and George Washington University.

According to the League of Legends High School Starleague (which includes 750 schools), the university is the first to offer League of Legends as a varsity-level sport, and RMU is looking for students with experience in the high school league or something comparable.

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The misery index is a way of measuring a nations average misery from a financial standpoint. It takes two main components that contribute to misery, along with a few minor factors, and creates an average number to show how miserable citizens are. While some criticize this practice, it has proven effective.

What is the Misery Index?

People often feel miserable when there are financial problems. The economist Arthur Okun found that misery increased whenever inflation and unemployment increased. Not only that, but he also found that the nation had to spend more money to keep these problems from getting worse, which led to other problems.

The two biggest factors are inflation and unemployment rates. Other minor factors include the national interest rate and GDP change.

Americas Misery Index

While the misery index is constantly fluctuating, its commonly around seven to 10 in America.

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Highlights for February

  • We are close to finishing up earning $1,000 in credit card signup bonuses for 2 credit card signups w/ spending requirements. Im not spending extra, but focusing our spending on these new cards to earn the bonuses and doing some round trip transactions via Amazon payments.
  • Our properties are listed on our balance sheet based on their cost basis, not current market value. We have done this during the the real estate market highs and lows. I believe real estate is too illiquid to list based on recent sale transactions. For those interested, our March Zillow property estimates are: $214,226; $130,844; $300,002; and $234,647 (total: $879,719 vs $751,255 on balance sheet).
  • Our March net worth growth was about average and largely attributed to paper gains in the stock market.
  • We had a double payment show up on House #2 Mortgage this month
  • We put a new roof on House #2 this month.

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